Experienced Crew

All of our vessels are operated and managed by our trained and experienced crew. The prime objectives of our crews are the safety of our operations and to ensure Charterers receive a first class on-board service. We are able to supply the full complement of crew for every aspect of the ship’s operation.

Many of our crew members have spent their entire careers on Toisa vessels. Indeed, some of our Captains and Chief Engineers have been with us for more than 30 years – and many were assigned to the same vessel for many years; this ensures continuity of experience onboard each ship, a vital component of our management philosophy

This continuity of service is unrivalled in the industry and contributes to the overall efficiency of our offshore operations. Returning Charterers find it especially reassuring to be working with the same Masters and Senior Personnel, which adds to the overall efficiency of our offshore operations.

Sealion is committed to investment in training and the development of the careers of our staff.  We train officer cadets in both deck and engine departments and have an excellent reputation for the quality of our officers. All our staff, officers and ratings are provided with additional specialised training to suit the requirements of the particular ship they are assigned to.