Customised Designs

Our vessels are ready and able to support Charterers with a vast range of operational capability.  If your needs can not be met from our current fleet, we can create a bespoke solution for you by adapting or further equipping an existing vessel to meet your needs, utilising our in-house design and project management expertise.

Our customisation service is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get the vessel you need for the job you have to do. The speed and efficiency with which we can tailor a solution is due to the breadth of our in-house capability. Our technical and design teams will work with you to document your requirements in detail, to plan the new specification and to arrange for any modifications or installations. As we manage the entire project ourselves, the timings and costs remain under tight control.

Our experience in converting vessels for new ventures is especially valuable to Charterers who need to respond with confidence to the demands of their own pioneering Clients. As an example, we converted one of our larger Platform Supply Vessels to assist with the installation of monopiles for an offshore wind farm.